The Big Dream

They say everyone should have a dream, well here is mine. To me main street America is a sacred place. Quaint shops line the road like a portfolio displaying what is important to each community. One main street may have practical shop selling items like shoes and farming supplies, another may have artsy boutiques and unique gift shops filled with unnecessary but highly coveted items. Many of the shop owners are themselves entrepreneurs and dreamers themselves. Small towns were seeing a population exodus before the pandemic and then COVID came along and sent everyone running for the hills… literally. Art certainly is not the only solution but I believe it could be a powerful tool to draw people back to Main Street. If done right, the art could serve to draw people in and create a destination in its own right. The people that come to see the art will have to eat, or shop or peruse the aisles of the quirky gift store and maybe find the one of a kind item they have been searching for. Art could be made in person as a live entertainment piece so the community could also be drawn back into their main street to watch the art be completed…. thereby emotionally investing them into the project as well.

So the art I want to create is a free standing two sided mosaicked frame for people to use for family photos, senior pictures, or simply to frame a picture of the picturesque Main Street. This project would combine my years of experience creating interior design windows and picture frames as well as my work with large scale outdoor projects.

I made a sample small scale frame and used my daughters Barbie dolls to demonstrate the idea. But picture it bigger and with you in Barbie’s place!

If you are in a small town, or work for a company within a community that would be interested in working with me. I have quotes in hand from a local metal fabrication shop for the base and plans for the design and glass and adhesive so, let’s connect!

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