miss erin mosaics

There is beauty in broken things. Forever changed from the original, yet beautiful in the new.


Pet Portraits

I love animals and have completed a number of charming portraits of quirky pets for their families.

Large Scale Art


Sails for Detroit Lakes Sesquicentennial _______________________________________ Rose for Roseville in Bloom


The Rose was made in collaboration with the city of Roseville, MN I completed a 7 foot 8 inch (with base) rose. The sails were completed for the city of Detroit Lakes Sesquicentennial event in 2021.

Some local press about the projects:


Roses on display include (clockwise, from left) “Busy as a Bee” by Jim Defeo, “Petals on the Runway” by Christopher Straub, “Bloom” by Eri
Th Some local press about the project: https://www.startribune.com/roseville-is-hoping-to-lure-visitors-with-658-pound-roses/571372472/

2022 Sioux Falls Sculpture Walk

Sculpture #41 “Within The Frame”
South Dakota


Other Works

Llamas, Babe the Blue Ox and others!

Custom Work

A custom 17 x 17 framed mosaic of your love! Painted background, framed and ready to hang. Starts at $465.00. Able to be personalized and customized to match your pets personality! Shipping free.


Erin is an award winning fine art mosaic artist. Specializing in pet portraits and custom work.

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One thought on “Home

  1. OMG, Erin, I just love your work! The sailboats! The abstract designs on Agate! And the constellations on Wonder! And the butterfly- gorgeous! Your animal portraits are so expressive!


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