About Me

Almost 8 years ago I saw a landscape made by a Colorado mosaic artist that rocked my world. Having dabbled in mosaics in the past, I decided it was an art form I wanted to dedicate myself to and started taking classes and reading books and watching videos trying to learn everything I could. I moved quickly from interested to obsessed and pretty soon I was trying to mosaic just about every flat surface I could find. As an animal lover I started making images of my own pets and learned how to add dimension to my pieces using sculpting clay and paper mache.

Living in the Twin Cities turned out to be quite serendipitous as there is a large mosaic community here as well as a number of stained glass and mosaic supply stores. The mosaic community was at once welcoming and inspiring. I have also been fortunate to have a number of supportive and loving friends that reacted with enthusiasm to each piece as I learned. They have shown my work to others with a pride that has served to build my own confidence as I challenged myself to attempt increasingly complex projects.

I continue to be inspired by the beautiful vistas in Minnesota, the love of animals and the fanciful humor of my children’s stories. My very favorite project to make is a pet portrait. Every animal has such a distinct personality, it is a blast to get to know them through their owners stories and each completed portrait brings so much joy to each family- it is just an honor to be able to create something that brings such pure joy!

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