About Me

More than 8 years ago I saw a landscape made by a Colorado mosaic artist that rocked my world. Never having made a mosaic, I naively said to myself “I can do that!”, so I spent the next five years with Band-Aids on every finger trying to learn how to even make the most basic shapes with glass.

Even now, there are many times I will create a design only to have the glass break in an awkward way and I will have to improvise or start over with an idea. Mosaics is certainly not an art form for the impatient! However, after a few early successes I moved from interested to obsessed and pretty soon I was trying to mosaic just about every flat surface I could find.

As an animal lover I had an image in mind of a pet portrait I wanted to create and to achieve the concept I needed to learn how to develop a sculpted, three-dimensional base. After a few classes from local artists, and many, many experiments, and failures I developed a paper-mache and cement combination that allowed me to build up a base to provide the dimension I wanted.

Living in the Twin Cities, Minnesota has turned out to be quite serendipitous as there is a large mosaic community here as well as a number of stained glass and mosaic supply stores. There is also a large interest in public art which has allowed me to bring my art into a new and very exciting forum. In 2019 I was selected to mosaic a 7 foot tall rose sculpture and this year I mosaicked two 4 foot sails for the city of Detroit Lakes, Minnesota. I would love to continue to create art for public spaces and hope to continue to grow as an artist.

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