Art on a large scale

Recently, I was selected to be one of 20 artists to complete a 7 foot 8 inch Rose statue for a public art initiative for the City of Roseville, MN. The applications were due in October of 2019 and we found out in January. This has been a huge undertaking as I normally work on fairly small projects. I started cutting and grinding the glass in January as soon as I found out I was selected.

The fabrication company which made the Rose let me come visit in April and I was able to take some measurements and I am so glad I got to to this because with all the petals and curves I had underestimated the amount of glass I needed- even with 6 months of prep time!

Co-VID 19 delayed the start of this project, then the riots which started after the murder of George Floyd delayed it again and with everything happening in the world it felt surreal to be working on something artistic. But on Tuesday June 2, with all of the roses in place at the Merchandise Mart on the State Fairgrounds, the artist arrived to begin the work. What a happy group we were, together with artists, all working to complete a rose to beautify our little corner of the world.


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