Mosaics: A glittering journey.

The thing I love about mosaics is the fact that each piece is such a journey. As is the truth with many forms of art sometimes the journey often ends in a place you hadn’t envisioned and you have to scrap the piece, retrace your steps and start over. But sometimes something magical happens and you finish a piece and it looks even better than you could have imagined. When you look at these pieces you love where the journey has taken you and can see how every step back or change made along the way was necessary to make the journey complete. The process can be exhausting, challenging, a little dangerous and at some point along the way you will inevitably ask yourself what you are doing and why. You may not be happy with the end result, your hands may literally be held together by band aids, your technique may have been wrong and your flaws will all appear much more noticeable than they are to anyone else, but just like in life, you can always start fresh, disassembling the final product down to the base and re-starting with a new vigor and hope for this next new journey. Each piece of our lives comes together on our journey to make us who we are- just like with mosaics, each added piece completes the piece and tells more of the story which is unfolding before our eyes.

This blog site is about my journey into mosaic artistry… we’ll see where this journey leads together! Enjoy the ride!

Miss Erin and her crew glue, these guys hold me together!


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